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About the Project

What is Tako?

Tako was a multipurpose bot founded by myself with the goal of handling a variety of tasks, so you don't have to invite multiple bots to your server. It is 100% free and open-source, making it a perfect fit for both small and large servers.

The bot was previously named Kayano, based on an anime, but I rebranded it to Tako. Tako consists of the Latin words for tentacle and octopus, which were related to the anime. Later, I discovered that "Tako" actually means octopus in Japanese.

The decision to rebrand

Initially, the project was called Kayano, and it had a loose brand identity. In mid-2022, I decided to rewrite Kayano and rebrand it, resulting in the creation of Tako as it exists today. I expanded the branding, including all the colors and a new logo. This project allowed me to learn a lot and improve my skills significantly, and since it was my own project, I could tinker with it as much as I wanted. The project has grown significantly, and I started rebranding it in early 2023.



Tako is very similar to Taco 🌮, so I grabbed my new iPad and drew a Taco in Procreate. It went through several iterations, but in the end, I created a very nice logo and added the name to it. Now, it can be used without any text and won't look as blank.


I wanted something very playful but still modern. I looked around and found two good fonts. Clash Display and Lato.

Clash Display is used for headings and Lato for the main body text.

Color Palette

The color palette for Tako's rebrand consists of blue, turqoise and a few othercolors for specific actions, to give it a playful and modern look. This color scheme is used consistently throughout the UI/UX design and in the branding materials.


These mockups are used to highlight the best features of Tako, in a minimal design that can be used for informational pages like the App Directory.

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