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Twitter is dying — Finally

1 min 2022-04-30

So on Monday Twitter accepted Elon Musk’s Offer to buy Twitter for $54,20 per share. That’s a total of 44 Billion US Dollars! After that was announced #Mastodon was trending on Twitter. In case you don’t know, Mastodon is an open-source and decentralized social Network like Twitter but with way more features, everyone can create their own version and because of that it is very privacy-friendly. You can find out more over at joinmastodon.org.

Why is Twitter dying now?

Well…not everyone is happy that Elon Musk owns Twitter now because he can do whatever he wants now. His plans are to make Twitter to a free speech platform. This is a problem because free speech doesn’t mean everything and because of the misunderstanding people often have either Twitter is going to be more toxic and extreme or we’ll see a long ban list in the future. The advantage of Mastodon is that each instance owner can decide by their self who to ban. So if your favorite tooter gets banned just use another instance. There are a lot of instance who give you enough freedom without Nazis etc. I use koyu.space for example.

Why Mastodon is a great Alternative

There is a missing feature like the edit button? Just implement it yourself! That’s how it works. The code is open-source and everybody can work at it and host their own version of Mastodon while you can still communicate with others. glitch-soc for example is a pretty popular fork which adds cool customization features and more to the platform but you can still communicate with Vanilla Mastodon users for example. You think there isn’t a instance that fits you? Just create your own instance with your own rules!

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