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Sunsetting Tako

2 min 2023-05-13

This might seem like a very sudden decision I came to over night but it’s been keeping me thinking for quite some time now.

Creating a Discord bot is tough, especially when you do most of the work yourself. While I had great assistance from my Staff, I still did the heavy lifting (no, not in gym). It’s been also very hard to maintain due to it’s size and the fact that I’m the only one working on it. Bugs are hard to find and fix and new features are hard (sometimes) to implement.

I also have to admit that I lost a lot of motivation. However I did learn a lot. I perfected my design skills, especially with the rebrand. I also learned a lot about Python/discord.py and how to use it properly. I also learned a lot about postgres and even learned SQL (yes, I didn’t knew it before).

I also learned a lot about how to manage a project and creating an Open Collective. It was a pleasure working with the Open Source Collective team and I’m very thankful for their help. Also huge thanks to the people who donated to Tako. It really helped me to keep going, even if I didn’t make any profit, I could still pay at least the server bills.

The Tako Server is also something I pured my heart into and I loved tinkering around with it.

But in the end I just lost motivation and I don’t want to keep working on something I don’t enjoy anymore. I’ll also close down the Tako Server and will focus on my own personal Server called michu instead.

However I will still keep the bot running and thus the Open Collective will stay open, so you can still donate to keep it running. I will also probably push out the next version, which also includes the rebrand changes. But after that I will stop working on it.

Eventually the bot will be taken down and the Open Collective will be closed, if we don’t receive enough donations. But feel free to host the bot yourself, if you want to keep it running. The source code will remain public and I will still accept pull requests under github.com/tako-discord/tako.

I hope you understand my decision and I’m sorry for everyone who was looking forward to the future of Tako. Also I am currently thinking about a cool new way to make michu unique and I’m looking forward to it. If you wanna be the first to know how and what then sign up at michu’s website.

Searching for an alternative? Check out Omni, it’s beta will start soon and I just love the design and the features it has. It’s also going to be mostly free but has a cheap pricing model for premium features. I also just joined their team as a Moderator and hope to do more for them soon.

Love you all and thanks for the support!

~ Pukima

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