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A normal day in my life

1 min 2022-03-14

I wake up at 5:45AM. It’s monday and it’s still dark outside. I get up, take on my clothes and wash myself. At 6:00AM I go downstairs for breakfeast. When I am done at 6:30AM I brush my teeth and make myself ready for school. At 6:45AM I go to the bus and drive to my school. I am mostly done with school at 1PM and then wait for the bus half an hour and drive back to my boarding school.

It’s 2PM. I eat lunch (Mondays is noodle day) and when I am done I go in my bedroom. Then I make my Homework and afterwards I either programm, watch something on Netflix or Disney+ or am playing Valorant or something else.

I eat dinner at 6PM and at 9PM I make myself ready for bed, read a book and at 10PM I mostly fall a sleep.

That’s basically a normal day in my life as a part of the #100DaysToOffload Challenge. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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