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Introducing Astro

1 min 2022-04-09

I first discovered Astro when a friend of mine was making the Lunar Website and it was created in Astro. So I checked out the Astro Website and it looked like a cool solution for web development. After a few months (last week in the time of writing this) I decided I want a new website because I didn’t really liked the old one. Then I remembered Astro from earlier and looked at it again. A lot has change since the last time I was looking at it and literally 1 day after looking at it again, the Beta Release was released (Astro v1.0.0-beta).

Now I had the “framework” to create my Website. I first made a mockup in Figma and decided to make my own Font (with my handwriting) too. Then I started initializing my Astro Project and started coding. The cool thing about Astro is that you can use a lot to create Pages. You can use their own .astro files which are similar to .jsx files but with some extra Astro features. You can even use Svelte or React (and many more) components and yes even mix them. For example for the parallax effect on the Home Page I used a React Library. I decided to use Markdown for the Blog Posts and automatically fetch them etc. This was pretty easy with Astro and I really love how the Blog Page and the Post Pages turned out.

Yeah that’s how my new website was created. I hope you liked this post!

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